Sold out!!! Get Cranky !!! Too Late !!! Get a Critter !!! On Secondary !!!

Sold out!!! Get Cranky !!! Too Late !!! Get a Critter !!! On Secondary !!!

Sold out!
Go buy on secondary!

We're Cranky Critters
and jup, we're making a board game

We've all been there. That one day when nothing seems to go your way and it feels like the universe is against you. Murphey's law.
The tiniest thing can set you off.

Enter Cranky Critters. A super pissed off NFT project with
6,000 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These Critters have had the worst day and are about to completely flip out.

We’re building a board game which is something that will really differentiate ourselves in the NFT Gaming space.
Additionally for us the board game isn’t the finish line. It’s just the start, as we aim to build the Cranky Critters brand for years to come.


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Why join us?

Art by Arno Kiss

Unique 1/1 NFT characters by an
artist with a proven track record of 10+ years in illustration and a solid fanbase.

Did you say board game?

If we hit the roadmap requirement for the board game, your NFT will grant you the board game for free with NFT-holder exclusives.

We ♥ Community

Community centered project where the community has real influence over key development and additional roadmap suggestions.

Offset carbon footprint

We're going to offset Cranky Critters' on-chain carbon emissions and become a completely carbon-negative NFT project.

Meet the Critters

There's 6 different Critters in this core collection:
cat, raccoon, bunny, fox, bee and chicken.

Aside from Critter type, each NFT is made up of 6 core traits:
eyes, mouth, outfit, head, identity and background.
Traits will vary in rarity impacting overall rarity score.

While almost all traits are randomized, background colors are not.
Background colors are tied to rarity. It's an easy, visual way to show off rarity and additionally you won't find any critters that are identical, as backgrounds will not count as a randomized trait. We want every Critter to feel unique.

Each Cranky Critter NFT is a verifiably unique ERC-721 token.

Why an NFT? Why not a Kickstarter?

The Board Game
is not our finish line, it's just the start

We’ve all had one of those days where nothing goes right!
You start off fine, but pretty soon the tables turn and the world is telling you “haha…not today”. Maybe you lose your wallet and then your keys, and then you drop your phone coming out of the car. Finally at some point you just lose your shit.

Is there a bright side? Well, what makes a shitty day better? Is it the love and warmth of your friends?... Yeah right! It’s seeing someone else having a worse day! It’s like pushing a buddy off a cliff so he can break your fall when you get pushed by someone else. We’ve all been there, right? Right?!

Basically, we're creating a funny board game where a lot of things happen that make you crankier and crankier and the goal is to be the last one to flip out. You can screw over other players, cause misery loves company, and try and cheer yourself up a bit while they get even crankier.

Discover our game design >

3 Critters enter a brawl, only 1 comes out

Time to enter your Critters in the BATTLE ROYALE! Burn 3 of your critters and get a very rare MEGACRANK in return.
These ‘MEGACRANKS’ will be part of the main collection and there’s a limit of 100 that can be minted.
You can expect them to look very unique, beat up and super pissed off.

You can only access the BATTLE ROYALE by holding a Battle Royale Burn Pass. These will be raffled off one week before the event to people who are holding at least 3 Critters. You can sign up for the raffle in our Discord.

Holding a MEGACRANK will grant you a MEGACRANK limited edition board game, containing even more goodies!

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OG Critter Pass
favoritism in rectangular form!

The OG Critter role is an honorary role in our Discord that we gave to our most dedicated supporters before launch. People that had the role and minted at least one Critter have received an OG Critter Pass NFT. Only 130 have been distributed and there will never be more.

Holding the OG Critter Pass will grant you these benefits:

- FREE mint for every future collection drop (1 per pass)
- FREE expansions for life (1 per pass)
- Min. -30% discount on Merch

The only way to get the OG Critter Pass and the OG Critter role now is to buy The OG Critter Pass on secondary. You can then use the #verify-here channel in Discord to get your exclusive role.

OG Pass on OpenseaOG Pass on Looksrare


1% sold

Offsetra & Charity

As soon as the project launches we are committed to offset all the projects’ on-chain carbon emissions and become a completely carbon-negative NFT project. On top of that we aim to assign at least 5% of all primary sales to offsetra as well, no matter how many are sold.
Additionally we will donate 10% of our secondary sale royalties to Offsetra and a charity of the community's choice on a bi-weekly basis. We'll make sure to share all transcripts with the community on Discord and on Twitter.
25% sold

Board Game Unlocked

At 25% we have the funding to get started on the development and production of the board game. During development holders of a Cranky Critter will be able to give feedback and influence key decisions about the board game.
When production is complete a snapshot will be taken and holders of a Cranky Critter will receive a coupon code airdrop to claim the board game for free in our shop. The Board Game NFT holders will receive is an NFT limited edition box which will include exclusive content. A regular version of the board game might be offered for sale to the public later, without the NFT exclusives.
We’re looking to have everything shipped late 2022.
2021 Q4


Time to enter your Critters for the BATTLE ROYALE.
You can submit 3 critters to enter a brawl, but only 1 will come out victorious! The Critter that survives will be thoroughly beaten up, making him extremely unique in the collection. We’ll call these the MEGACRANKS.
Basically we're launching a fun burn mechanic! Burn 3 of your critters and get a very rare MEGACRANK in return. These ‘MEGACRANKS’ will be part of the main collection and there’s a limit of 100 that can be minted. You can expect them to look very unique, beat up and super pissed off.
Holding a MEGACRANK will grant you a MEGACRANK limited edition board game, holding even more goodies!
Find out all about our BATTLE ROYALE here.
2022 Q1 - Q4

Merch and collectibles

We're going to launch clothing and merchandise & collectibles using high-quality materials and textiles, as eco-friendly as possible. We'll have a core collection and limited editions. All merch and collectibles will be exclusive to holders.

Community First

We have a few things planned that we're still keeping secret, because it's we want to surprise and reward our community on a regular basis. We will be working on providing short term and long term utility for the NFT and the board game.
Things you can expect:
Surprise airdrops
Artistic and marketing collabs
Contests / giveaways / puzzles
Liquidity Pools
2022 Q4

Shipping the board game

Our goal is to ship the board game late 2022.
Of course the community will have a hand in key decisions, which may affect this timeline. We will keep the community up to date about the progress and shipping estimates.

Starting on the first expansion

You didn't think it was going to end here did you?
When production for the first board game is complete and shipping has started, we’ll start developing the first expansion with the feedback of the community!

By now a new roadmap will be shared with the community, presenting our plans for the coming years.

Budget primary sales

Budget secondary sales

The Team

Rune the Dev

Shitty developer, shittier person.

Joren been a developer for over 10 years, working on mobile and web apps. He recently started to move to DApps. Joren en Sara (fluffntuff.eth) have 2 little boys together, the cause of many sleepless nights. In between his sleep deprivation and caffeine addiction he's a total game enthusiast.
He's the crankiest of them all



Nice community manager, even nicer person.

Sara has been in marketing for 8 years and has led her own company Fluff 'n Tuff for 9 years. She's blessed with 2 little boys and one big one (Rune the Dev), and has a great bond with her brother Arno. She is passionate about art and loves drawing herself. Her main focus is Japanese inspired cutesy stuff. She came up with the Cranky Critters name.


Arno Kiss

The artist and all around cool guy.

Arno has been a professional illustrator for over 10 years. He has worked for well known brands such as Fortnite and Netflix, and famous bands including Metallica and Arctic Monkeys. He also has his own NFT collection 'Kiss-Verse' which is verified on Opensea.
Arno and Sara (fluffntuff.eth) are siblings. He's definitely the funny one.



What's an NFT?

So how can I buy one?

When launch?

How will you be a carbon negative project?

Why would I hold more than 1 Critter?

What's your goal for Cranky Critters?

Is this a rug pull?

Any more questions?

Sold out!!! Get Cranky !!! Too Late !!! Get a Critter !!! On Secondary !!!

Sold out!!! Get Cranky !!! Too Late !!! Get a Critter !!! On Secondary !!!